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Whether for pain therapy or muscle regeneration, thanks to the unique deep heat technology of Calopad® you will be healthy again.

Compact and effective thanks to state-of-the-art technology

Calopad® is the world's first intelligent and reusable deep heat plaster, which contributes to localised pain therapy and muscle regeneration. The Calopad® deep heat plaster is an innovation in the heat therapy market.

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Calopad® heat therapy device

Calopad® - heat therapy redefined

It is the first reusable heat plaster to treat pain and tension effectively and selectively with a therapeutic deep heat of 42°C. Unlike conventional heat patches, it treats pain points effectively and sustainably. The innovative technology developed by therapists focusses on the sustainable improvement of quality of life.


To achieve the best possible effect, Calopad® stimulates the painful area selectively. The combination of heat and the trigger point position allows muscle regions to be better supplied with blood, regenerated, relaxed and detoxified. The effect of Calopad® has been clinically proven and medically certified.


The Calopad® deep heat plaster warms up to the therapeutic deep heat of 42°C within seconds, relaxes tense muscles and improves blood circulation. Calopad® does not use pepper extracts, activated charcoal or other irritating ingredients in its adhesive tapes. Calopad® uses an efficient and unique heat technology to achieve the deep heat.

Contents of starter set

  • 1x Calopad® controller (rechargeable)

  • 1x heating foil (at least 50 applications per heating foil)

  • 4x adhesive tapes (at least 1-8 applications per adhesive tape possible, depending on skin type, consumables)

  • 1 USB charging cable

  • 1x instruction manual

Safety instructions

Caution is advised in some cases. Deep heat should not be used for acute inflammation or directly after an injury. Acute inflammation can be recognised by redness, swelling and warming of the affected area. The inflammation phase, e.g. after an injury, usually subsides after approx. 5 days. Care should always be taken not to apply the Calopad® to open wounds or fresh scars.

It is important that you read all warnings and safety instructions in this operating manual as they will help to ensure your safety, prevent injury and avoid damage to the appliance.

Do not use this appliance ...

... if you have a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator, other implanted metals or electronic devices (check with your doctor first, as in some cases it is still possible, e.g. non-magnetic metal implants).

... combined with another electronic device or with a life-sustaining medical electronic device such as an artificial heart or respirator.

... in the hospital/clinic in the presence of or when electrical monitoring devices (e.g. heart monitors, ECG alarms) are attached to the body.

No use for:

  • People with impaired cold or heat sensory function

  • People in a reduced state of consciousness

  • Persons who are not able to operate the device themselves

  • Children under 12 years

  • People who are prone to internal bleeding, e.g. after an injury or fracture (blood thinning).

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Did you know that conventional heat patches only simulate the advertised 'deep heat' by irritating the skin and that this only has a very limited effect from a medical point of view?

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Stick it on and get well

Discover the benefits of Calopad® - your reliable partner in pain therapy and muscle regeneration. Our innovative therapy solution combines reusability, flexibility, Swissness and innovation to offer you customised treatment.



The device is reusable. The accompanying adhesive films also adhere for up to 3 applications. Compared to conventional heat plasters, Calopad® is already cheaper from just 10 applications.


Flexible application

Pain and tension often come on suddenly. Whether during or after sport, at work, on the move or at home - with Calopad® you can treat whenever and wherever you want.


No medicinal substances

You read that correctly. Calopad® does not simulate heat with chemicals like conventional plasters, but generates real deep heat - without any medicinal substances or skin-irritating chemicals.

Fast effect

Immediately after switching on, you enjoy constant deep heat right under the skin. Calopad® not only works quickly, but also in the long term, as the metabolism of the muscles and joints is fully activated.

Medical device

The Calopad® device is a registered Class IIa medical device. We comply with all norms, directives and safety standards required by the European Union.

Calopad® device

Your holistic helper against
pain and tension

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Constant therapeutic deep heat that works

Calopad® delivers continuous deep heat of 42°C that penetrates deep into the muscles to effectively relieve pain and tension and promote healing. This constant heat supply ensures improved circulation and accelerated recovery.

  • Deep heat penetrates deep into the muscle

  • Easy to use - no specialised knowledge required

  • Individual self-therapy - without constant visits to the doctor or therapist.

  • Specialised in holistic pain relief and muscle regeneration

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Intelligent trigger point therapy with radial heat diffusion effect

Calopad® trigger point therapy initiates a targeted application of heat to a specific trigger point. This heat then spreads concentrically and therapeutically effectively from the starting point, which is known in medicine as 'radial heat diffusion'. This heat diffusion works effectively against muscle tension and supports muscle regeneration and pain relief. It is not necessary to use large plasters or foils.

Simply put: Small application point, big effect - for effective pain relief and muscle regeneration.

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Choose between different therapy modes

With the first mode, you enjoy continuous deep heat for targeted pain relief, while the second mode actively supports your regeneration with the Kneipp method. The device heats for 1 minute, then cools down and repeats this process.

Rely on effective and efficient heat therapy for holistic recovery.


It's that simple


Unpacking the device

Once you have received your starter set, you can lay out the contents.


Connect foils

First stick the adhesive foil to the heating foil. Then connect the heating foil to the controller (snaps into place using magnets).


Select mode

Use the button on the right-hand side to select your desired therapy mode.



Now attach the device to the area you want to treat and feel the heat on your skin.

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Becoming actively healthy

Combine deep heat with home therapy

Maximise your therapy success with the Calopad® app. Receive your personalised exercise plan, perform customised exercises using simple explanatory videos and track your progress for efficient pain management and fast muscle recovery - right from home or on the go!


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Frequently asked questions

Heat almost always has a beneficial effect. However, genuine, therapeutic deep heat of 42 degrees Celsius is crucial for effective and lasting relief from back pain and tension.

As the heat in patches made of capsaicin or activated charcoal and iron is simulated by irritation or a chemical reaction, they only have an effect on the surface. As a result, these types of heat plasters only have a short-term effect and cannot relieve muscle tension in the long term as the heat generated cannot reach the muscle. Furthermore, the effect of chemical heat patches made from activated charcoal and iron has not yet been convincingly proven.

In the same way, disposable heat patches are deceptive from an economic point of view: heat patches are very expensive to buy in the long term, considering that each patch can only be used once. Extrapolated, the use of the Calopad therapy device with 4 adhesive tapes in the starter set is already cheaper than disposable heat plasters from 10 applications. In addition, the reusable nature of Calopad is more environmentally friendly than the constant disposal of disposable plasters.

For long-term and profound relief of pain and tension, therapeutic deep heat, as provided by Calopad, is the most effective solution. Unlike disposable heat patches, which only provide superficial heat and are less economically viable, Calopad offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative.

For people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system in chronic and acute stages such as Muscular tension, muscle, back, shoulder or neck pain, back, neck or shoulder tension, ischalgia, osteoarthritis, abdominal pain, diseases of the spine (Bechterew or myogelosis), joint inflammation, joint pain, Jaw joint blockages/tension, headaches caused by tension, menstrual cramps, migraines, muscle cramps, muscle pain, muscle tension (myogelosis), after operations, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon and tendon sheath disorders, soft tissue rheumatism.

Please consult your doctor before using Calopad if you suffer from the following diseases:
Diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, peripheral vascular diseases, spinal cord injuries.

Do not use this device ...

... if you have a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator, other implanted metals or electronic devices (check with your doctor first, as it is possible in some cases, e.g. non-magnetic metal implants).

... combined with another electronic device or with a life-sustaining medical electronic device such as an artificial heart or respirator.

... in the hospital/clinic in the presence of or when electrical monitoring devices (e.g. heart monitors, ECG alarms) are attached to the body.

No, the Calopad device can be used as self-therapy at home without specialist knowledge. For correct use, please read the enclosed instructions for use.

No, the Calopad device can also be used without the app. However, we recommend the additional use of the app, which combines passive deep heat with active physiotherapy exercises for faster and longer lasting recovery.

Yes, the healing effect of deep heat has been clinically proven and certified. Calopad is based on these studies and complies with all European directives for a safe and effective medical device (CE as an EU medical device, ISO13485).