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Johanna explains why Calopad is pursuing the world's most innovative therapy concept

Innovative, effective and, above all, needs-orientated: That is Calopad. Even experienced doctors are convinced of this. In the video, Johanna explains why Calopad is recognised worldwide as a pioneer in pain therapy and muscle regeneration.

Find out first-hand what makes this concept so revolutionary and how it can change your path to long-lasting freedom from pain.


Why Calopad?

Calopad is more than a product; it is a life changer. It combines state-of-the-art technology with a holistic approach to give you the best possible quality of life. A life that is pain-free, active and fulfilling. Join the Calopad revolution and discover how you can take your lifestyle to the next level.


New form of therapy

Calopad is the first therapy model in the world to seamlessly combine heat therapy, physiotherapy exercises and expert counselling. This approach ensures comprehensive treatment - from technology to personalised support.


Flexibility for everyone

Whether you prefer the device, the app, personalised advice or all at the same time - Calopad is modularly designed to meet the needs of different people. Choose what suits you best.


Pain relief+

Calopad offers more than just temporary relief. It's a lifestyle, a partner that supports you every step of the way on your journey to lasting wellbeing.


Innovative approach

Calopad revolutionises the way pain therapy is treated. It is not just a tool, but a lifestyle element that emphasises well-being and modern technology.


Tried, tested and certified

The effect of Calopad has been scientifically tested and certified. This guarantees a reliable, trustworthy and safe therapy.

Medical deep heat

Efficiently and effectively relieve pain and tension thanks to deep heat

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Heat: the best remedy for thousands of years

People have relied on the healing effects of heat for thousands of years. With Calopad, we take this tried and tested method to a new level: therapeutic deep heat. It penetrates deeper into the muscles to effectively and sustainably relieve pain and tension.

Calopads deep heat features:

  • The therapeutic heat of 42°C penetrates deep under the skin into the muscle

  • Constant deep heat for more efficiency & effectiveness

  • Targeted trigger point treatment, the effects of which extend to the entire muscle

Why deep heat works

Find out in this article how heat contributes to a speedy recovery.

Versatile use on the entire body

Calopad is characterised by its versatility for use all over the body, making it an ideal companion for treating a wide range of muscle and joint complaints. Whether it's tension in the neck, pain in the lower back or discomfort in the joints - Calopad provides targeted, therapeutic deep heat that works exactly where it's needed.

The best tool for anyone looking for an effective, non-invasive way to treat pain and promote physical health.




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Perfect symbiosis of passive pain therapy and active therapy plan

Sometimes it's the simplest and most natural combinations that make the biggest difference. Experts advise combining deep heat with targeted exercises to achieve even better therapy results. This is exactly where the Calopad app comes in with the personalised therapy plan. When it comes to your quality of life, why not pull out all the stops?

Optimum recovery in the shortest possible time

Discover the Calopad universe

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Calopad® Device

Calopad's unique heat technology combines Swiss precision, proven depth of effect and the freedom to experience relief and well-being anywhere, anytime. Invest in your health and enjoy the benefits of our advanced therapy solution.

  • Swiss quality:
    Certified medical device with the highest standards.

  • Unique deep effect:
    Constant deep heat for hours for efficient, lasting pain relief.

  • Flexibility:
    Can be used anywhere - at home, at work or when travelling.

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Calopad® App

The Calopad® app is your personal therapy companion. It offers you numerous advanced functions to alleviate your symptoms holistically and draw on the full potential - for lasting well-being.

  • 200+ exercises:
    Personalised therapy plan based on your pain areas.

  • Artificial intelligence:
    Chat with Calopad health coach for advice, tips and support.

  • Community exchange:
    Profit from the experience of others and take yourself further.

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Calopad® Care

With Care Membership, you will receive a customised training plan and personal support from a Calopad physiotherapist who will constantly monitor your progress. Through video calls or on-site treatments, our Calopad physiotherapist will support you with your specific exercises in the app, enabling professional and effective recovery from home. By combining our deep heat therapy in parallel, we create an optimal basis for faster recovery.

  • Profit from experts:
    Our physiotherapists will support you on your way to well-being.

  • Individual counselling:
    Tailored conversations - tailored to your needs, bring you relief.

  • Home Physio:
    Benefit from the expertise of the physios and become your own therapist thanks to Calopad Care.

  • Home Physio:
    Benefit from the expertise of the physios and become your own therapist thanks to Calopad Care.

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Frequently asked questions

The effect of Calopad has been proven by comprehensive scientific studies and the therapy device is certified as a medical product. This confirms the effectiveness and safety of Calopad in pain relief and muscle regeneration.

The combination of deep heat and active physiotherapy exercises has a synergistic effect on pain relief and muscle regeneration. Deep heat relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and prepares the tissue for movement. The active exercises then specifically strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and support the healing process. This holistic approach ensures more effective results compared to using one of the methods alone.

The Calopad© therapy device represents an investment in innovative and holistic pain therapy. Compared to other heat therapy products, it offers constant therapeutic deep heat, is reusable and certified as a medical device. In addition, Calopad does not use any medicinal substances, making it very skin-friendly and even suitable for allergy sufferers. These factors ensure effective, safe and lasting pain relief and long-term applicability. The higher cost reflects these unique properties and the long-term health benefits that Calopad offers.

Yes, the Calopad Therapies app is completely free. It offers users a personalised therapy plan that is tailored to their individual areas of pain. Users can also chat directly with their digital health coach if they have any questions or exchange information with other users in the various communities - and it's all free of charge.