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Calopad® - The solution for holistic pain relief and muscle regeneration

Combine therapeutic deep heat with targeted physiotherapy exercises and the expertise of our experts. Whether for pain relief or efficient muscle regeneration after sport - with Calopad® you get a holistic solution for self-treatment that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Find your individual path to a better quality of life and top performance now - at any time, independently and self-determined.

Our formula for optimum recovery:

Passive deep heat + active exercises = quality of life


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Lasting relief from pain and tension with patented deep heat technology.

The Calopad therapy device is your constant companion in the fight against pain and tension. Thanks to the innovative deep heat technology, your complaints are treated deep at the root. The "radial heat diffusion effect" known in medicine makes it possible to treat large muscle areas with a small device.

Rely on simple application with maximum therapeutic effect. Your flexible medical device for a better quality of life.

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EU medical device
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EN ISO 13485
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Save costs due to reusability
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Certified medical device

Calopad combines medicine, science
and lifestyle in one high-tech device

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One device for almost all applications

Free yourself from pain wherever it occurs. Your Calopad covers a wide range of complaints. Want to know how? Explore all areas of application and discover the effective combination of technology, therapy and lifestyle. Let yourself be inspired and find your way back to well-being.

Which application are you interested in?

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Dr. Heiko Visarius,

"Calopad, certified and effective, enables simple self-therapy of pain and tension at home - a therapy breakthrough without the need for expert knowledge."

Discover all areas of application for
pain therapy or muscle regeneration


Why Calopad?

Imagine having access to a revolutionary solution that offers you long-lasting pain relief and an improved quality of life without compromise. What makes Calopad special is our patented deep heat technology, which sets it apart from conventional methods. As a certified product, Calopad is proven to provide therapeutic benefits, accelerate your recovery and offer fast recovery from relapses.

Discover the unique benefits of Calopad for your wellbeing and experience the difference of advanced pain relief and muscle regeneration.

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Deep heat technology

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Holistic therapy

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Certified effect

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Can be used anywhere and at any time

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Unique therapy combination

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Personalised expert support


Important to know

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Multiple awards

Our success speaks for itself - not only among our users, but also at a prestigious level. With our revolutionary therapy model, we have won important awards such as the Innosuisse Award for Innovation and the Technology Fund of the Federal Office for the Environment. These awards from the Swiss Confederation confirm the uniqueness and high standard of Calopad.

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Protects the environment

Calopad not only offers you health benefits, but also makes a contribution to environmental protection. This is not only due to its reusability. With each use, you save a considerable 214g of CO2 emissions compared to disposable heat plasters. This achievement has been recognised by the Federal Office for the Environment (BaFu) and rewarded with a well-deserved award.

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Cost savings due to multiple applications

Don't just think about the initial cost, think about the long-term savings: Calopad, the world's first reusable heat patch, pays for itself after just 10 applications compared to conventional therapy methods. Imagine how much you can save if you use Calopad for the rest of your life. With this device, you are making a far-sighted decision - investing once means long-term benefits.

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Patented technology with media presence

Calopad is revolutionising pain therapy and muscle regeneration with its patented deep heat technology. As an industry first that prioritises customer benefit over profit, we have attracted significant media attention. Discover what makes Calopad so unique in our media collection!

Calopad® Care Behandlungen

Benefit from 1:1 support from our Calopad experts

Are you looking for customised solutions for complex complaints? At Calopad you receive personal 1:1 expertise. Our physiotherapists use medical checks to identify YOUR problems and offer customised tips for regeneration and well-being. Go beyond self-therapy - experience the digital Calopad advantage!


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Frequently asked questions

Heat almost always has a beneficial effect. However, genuine, therapeutic deep heat of 42 degrees Celsius is crucial for effective and lasting relief from back pain and tension.

As the heat in patches made from capsaicin or activated charcoal and iron is simulated by irritation or a chemical reaction, they only have an effect on the surface. As a result, these types of heat plasters only have a short-term effect and cannot relieve muscle tension in the long term as the heat generated cannot reach the muscle. Furthermore, the effect of chemical heat patches made from activated charcoal and iron has not yet been convincingly proven.

In the same way, disposable heat patches are deceptive from an economic point of view: heat patches are very expensive to buy in the long term, considering that each patch can only be used once. Extrapolated, the use of the Calopad therapy device with 4 adhesive tapes in the starter set is already cheaper than disposable heat plasters from 10 applications. In addition, the reusable nature of Calopad is more environmentally friendly than the constant disposal of disposable plasters.

For long-term and profound relief of pain and tension, therapeutic deep heat, as provided by Calopad, is the most effective solution. Unlike disposable heat patches, which only provide superficial heat and are less economically viable, Calopad offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative.

For people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system in chronic and acute stages such as Muscular tension, muscle, back, shoulder or neck pain, back, neck or shoulder tension, ischalgia, osteoarthritis, abdominal pain, diseases of the spine (Bechterew or myogelosis), joint inflammation, joint pain, Jaw joint blockages/tension, headaches caused by tension, menstrual cramps, migraines, muscle cramps, muscle pain, muscle tension (myogelosis), after operations, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon and tendon sheath disorders, soft tissue rheumatism

Please consult your doctor before using Calopad if you suffer from the following diseases:
Diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, peripheral vascular diseases, spinal cord injuries.

Do not use this device ...

... if you have a pacemaker, an implanted defibrillator, other implanted metals or electronic devices (check with your doctor first, as it is possible in some cases, e.g. non-magnetic metal implants).

... combined with another electronic device or with a life-sustaining medical electronic device such as an artificial heart or respirator.

... in the hospital/clinic in the presence of or when electrical monitoring devices (e.g. heart monitors, ECG alarms) are attached to the body.

No, the Calopad device can be used as self-therapy at home without specialist knowledge. For correct use, please read the enclosed instructions for use.

No, the Calopad device can also be used without the app. However, we recommend the additional use of the app, which combines passive deep heat with active physiotherapy exercises for faster and longer-lasting recovery.

Yes, the healing effect of deep heat has been clinically proven and certified. Calopad is based on these studies and complies with all European directives for a safe and effective medical device (CE as an EU medical device, ISO13485).