This abdominal disease restricts the quality of life

Mother of two and businesswoman fights endometriosis


A path to pain relief and family happiness

Corinne Rey has been suffering from the immense pain of endometriosis since she was a teenager. Immediately after her diagnosis, doctors questioned her desire to have her own family. Today, the ambitious professional woman and mother of two is incredibly grateful to have trusted the right specialists and to have found the treatment method in Calopad that has finally given her lasting relief from her pain. In this interview, she shares her medical history and explains the many ways in which Calopad's deep heat helps her.

What is endometriosis and what are the common symptoms?

Back pain and migraines - these were Corinne Rey's first signs. The then 13-year-old would never have thought that these symptoms were related to an abdominal disease. Women often live with endometriosis for years without realising it. The reason for this is that there is no direct correlation between the extent of the endometriosis and the severity of the symptoms.

Small endometriosis lesions can cause pronounced problems, while large ones are symptom-free - and vice versa. Endometriosis affects six to ten per cent of all women of childbearing age. That is around 190,000 to 280,000 women in Switzerland alone. In those affected, endometrial cells grow outside the uterine cavity (cavum uteri), for example on the ovaries or between the uterus and the rectum. The exciting thing is that the same diagnosis usually triggers very different pain and symptoms. Find out here which symptoms endometriosis patients often report. By the way: The first signs of endometriosis can appear years or decades beforehand - for example through skin conditions (eczema, etc.)

«My pain was so severe at times that I wanted to leave my house with a bed bottle around my stomach. Warmth has always been the best medicine for me.»

- Corinne Rey, finance and accounting specialist / mum


Surgery, medication or alternative medicine?

But as varied as the symptoms and complaints are, the primary goal of the women affected is pain relief. After all, they restrict everyday life to such an extent that even the smallest activities or simply lying down are agonising. It is not surprising that endometriosis patients breathe a sigh of relief when a diagnosis is finally made after years of investigations. At least they have a cause of pain. But the agony continues: the search for the right treatment method to combat the pain can take years. Corinne Rey was aware from the outset that she would prefer to alleviate her pain with sustainable alternative therapies rather than numbing it with medication.

But which home remedies or alternative therapies work effectively against abdominal pain? And what helps against other symptoms such as migraines, tension and back pain? Somewhat saddened by the diagnosis and yet full of motivation, the 23-year-old woman, who was in the middle of her life at the time, set out to find a healthy therapeutic solution to her chronic pain. Now, around 12 years later, Corinne Rey has the solution: she treats almost all her symptoms with just one therapy device - her Calopad! She is one of the first Calopad customers and shares her very personal medical history in an interview. 


Corinne Rey, what were your first symptoms?

«It all started in my mid-teens with severe back pain, tension, migraines and nausea. Everyone was at a loss as to what I had and I tormented myself for years with these inexplicable complaints. I also had abdominal pain - initially only before and after my period. At some point, the pain became constant, regardless of menstruation.»

What was your medical history until the final diagnosis?

«Over 10 years passed before the diagnosis and the inflammation became more and more active over time. Sometimes the inflammation can also develop in the ligaments and nerves - this was also the case for me. After countless unsuccessful visits to the doctor, my only option was to take medication. But I knew that this would only restrict me even more in the long term. After all, I've never liked medication because of the side effects and the additional strain on my body. Fortunately, over the years I consulted a back specialist, who finally suspected endometriosis based on my various symptoms and mentioned it for the first time. My gynecologist then examined me and performed a laparoscopy. The findings were quite severe, as the endometriosis was already widespread in the uterus and bowel.»


Diagnosis of endometriosis: what did you do about the pain?

«The treatment was clear straight away: my doctor recommended that I undergo an operation to remove the growths and adhesions. My gynecologist said that I would most likely not be able to have children. Thanks to the operation, the symptoms became less severe. Then came the next doctor's recommendation: hormones! According to my doctor, this could reduce or even suppress the menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, I couldn't tolerate the hormone therapy. Although I became more and more interested in the possibilities and miraculous effects of alternative medicine, it didn't stop with this one operation, but was followed by several more. Since the diagnosis, I was repeatedly told that the dream of having a family could be very difficult. In order not to become too fixated on this, I started training as a finance and accounting specialist. After my 4th operation, I became pregnant straight away. At the time, I was in the middle of preparing for my final exams. I still see my two pregnancies as a miracle today.»

What forms of therapy did you try after your diagnosis and what were your experiences?

«Right from the start, my body told me what it does best when it's in a lot of pain: heat! It's my number one home remedy for various types and areas of pain. That's why I spent a lot of time in the bathtub and would have loved to leave the house with a bed bottle around my stomach. Then I discovered craniosacral therapy, which is still very beneficial for me today. The therapy with chemical heat patches was less successful, as they get far too hot for my taste, are too expensive and unfortunately cannot have a lasting effect on me. I was also not prepared to spend so much money on this superficial heat treatment on a recurring basis. In summary, I can say that I have always preferred to rely on natural therapy methods when looking for the right form of treatment, but even today there are still days when I simply can't do without painkillers.»

You describe heat as the home remedy for your body. How did you come across Calopad and what are your experiences?

«I became aware of Calopad at the end of 2020 via social media. At the time, the deep heat device was about to enter the market. I was particularly impressed by the claim that the device generates deep heat that can treat pain much more deeply than chemical heat patches. At the same time, I could hardly wait to finally use a form of heat therapy whose device can be recharged again and again using a rechargeable battery. I was very excited and ordered Calopad in advance.»

What experiences have you had with Calopad?

«I've been delighted with the effect it has had on my pain since I first used it. The best thing about Calopad is that I can use it to treat all symptoms apart from nausea. Calopad works for my back pain, neck tension, migraines and abdominal pain. I prefer therapy mode 1 with the constant deep heat. Depending on the intensity of the pain, I use Calopad several times a week and even daily for acute pain attacks. If my pain is very severe in the evening, I use my Calopad immediately before going to bed. Thanks to the deep heat, I can then fall asleep totally relaxed and wake up in the morning almost pain-free.»

What do you like about Calopad pain therapy?

«Calopad gives me everything that I have always missed with conventional chemical heat patches: The sustainable idea, the therapeutic deep heat, the different therapy levels and the versatile use for treating various symptoms and pain. As my skin is sensitive, I pay particular attention to the products and materials I use. Calopad makes me feel very comfortable, adheres well and is also very well tolerated by my skin.»


Would you recommend Calopad to other endometriosis patients?

«As it helps me so much with my various pains, I have already recommended it to my colleagues from the Swiss Endometriosis Association and in the endometriosis Facebook group. I find such platforms very valuable for the individual course of treatment. We can support each other through our own experiences and tips».

What advice would you give to a woman who has just been diagnosed with endometriosis?

«I think the most important thing is to find an experienced specialist before undergoing an operation. I know from my own experience that many doctors assume in advance that they can perform the operation. In the worst case, they only find out during the operation that they don't have enough experience after all. In my case, the doctor initially thought he could perform the operation himself. When he was already in my abdomen with the tiny camera, he had to stop the operation. Since then, I have only trusted certified endometriosis centers where specialists work.»


In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge for women with endometriosis?

«The diagnosis of endometriosis is often frightening. Many doctors immediately put a question mark over the desire to have children. For me personally, it was a huge challenge to withstand the pressure and stick to my professional and personal goals despite the diagnosis and the hellish pain. But looking back, the diagnosis and the doctors' prejudices and assumptions also had a positive side. After all, having a plan B was very important to me in case my desired family planning didn't work out. So I embarked on a career path and completed various further training courses in accounting and finance.»


Calopad deep heat for chronic pain: share your experience and get free treatment!

«Do you also struggle with recurring pain, for example in the back, neck or abdomen? Calopad is versatile and treats various types of pain effectively and sustainably. What are your experiences with Calopad, the therapy modes and the therapeutic effect? We are eager to gain an insight into your therapy process. Take 5 minutes now, contact us, share your Calopad experience with us and receive 10 free adhesive tapes!»

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«Calopad works effectively against my back pain, tension, migraines and abdominal pain. I appreciate how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to wear!»
Corinne Rey, Fachfrau Finanz- und Rechnungswesen / Mutter